Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions apply to Trust Printshop and all associated affiliates or subsidiaries. Trust Printshop reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add, or remove portions of these Terms and Conditions at any time for any reason. It is the responsibility of the customer to check these Terms and Conditions for changes. Any continued patronage of Trust Printshop services following the posting of changes will indicate that you accept and agree to any changes made to these Terms and Conditions by Trust Printshop. By initiating the order process with Trust Printshop, you are agreeing to adhere to the following terms and conditions.

Order Finalization

An order is finalized when all three of the following issues have been addressed:

  1. Customer approval of the digital mockups.
  2. Customer approval of the pricing quote and order details.
  3. Official confirmation of full payment of the invoice total, unless otherwise stated.

*Additional charges may apply when making changes to a finalized order

Art Regulations

Art Guidelines

Trust requests that all customers provide the necessary digital art files for their print.  If a customer does not have a finished design, Trust Printshop has several designers that we work closely with that we will gladly recommend and facilitate a conversation with; however, The customer is responsible for providing the art file that we use. Trust is not responsible for generating or editing customer art. The customer is also responsible for the quality and resolution of the digital art. Trust reserves the right to deny printing services on the grounds of inadequate art quality or image resolution. Trust may decide to use an image that does not comply with the art guidelines, but Trust is not responsible for any negative outcomes caused by that art. Below are our guidelines for all digital art.

  • Raster File Types (.psd, .jpg, .tiff, .png, .gif, .bmp)
    • Digital art files must be at least 300ppi (pixels per inch).
    • The file’s dimensions must be set to the actual desired print size.
  • Vector File Types (.ai, .eps, .pdf, .cdr)
    • The file’s dimensions should be set to the actual desired print size, or the desired print size may be specified by the customer.
    • All Raster images placed within the Vector file must be embedded and must meet the Raster File Types guidelines.
    • All text must be converted to outlines.

Color Separations & Color Matching

The Trust Printshop art department has all decision making powers in regards to editing, separating, and printing the customer’s art with the goal of matching the print as closely as possible to the customer’s original art. Such decisions may include, but are not limited to: changing colors, adding or removing an underbase, changing the ink type, and/or changing the number of colors in a print. Trust is not required to inform the customer or seek approval of any change made in the interest of matching the art or improving the quality of the print, unless the change will affect the customer’s cost. The customer may make specific requests regarding their art such as specific pantone colors, print size, print placement, or printing technique. We will do our best to abide by these requests but they are subject to change in the situations listed above.

If a customer has a specific company color, pantone, or other something similar that they need to precisely match to a physical swatch or reference across all blanks we will charge $50 for each color that needs to be matched. For everything else we will work to make the print look amazing as a whole, and to accurately represent the art. Precise Color Matching is only available using the Block Print Style.

Trust Printshop is not obligated to abide by customer’s requests and may refuse to comply to a request for any reason. Trust Printshop is not responsible for a failure to perfectly match a customer’s request. Trust will attempt to inform the customer if any of their requests may cause a problem, but by making a printing or art request, the customer is taking responsibility for any issues caused by that request.

Art Disclaimers

Trust Printshop prides itself in its high quality screen printing, but there are restrictions to the capability of screen printing in general. Trust does not guarantee the printing of any line, dot, negative space, or piece of art that takes up less than 3 pixels or is less than 3 pixels wide. Trust does not guarantee the printing or legibility of any text that is smaller than 6pt font. Trust will attempt to match all colors in the customer’s art, but Trust is not responsible for any color variance between the art, mockup, and print. Trust is limited by the Pantone Color Book, and colors can change drastically based on shirt color and various other factors. If a customer needs to ensure a specific outcome of a print the customer can order a sample of their design, which will be exactly duplicated in a full run.

Print Styles

Trust Printshop is not responsible for any issues with a print caused by the customer’s Print Style selection, including, but not limited to, varying textures, color accuracy, tone shift, fabric migration, fibrillation, or inconsistent registration. We will review each Print Style selection and can make suggestions based on our past experience, but Trust is not responsible for any Print Style selection a customer makes. Additionally, any suggestion Trust Printshop makes regarding a Print Style is merely a recommendation for the customer’s benefit and does not represent a guarantee that the final product will look or feel a certain way. Trust Printshop will not accept any returns or issue a refund for any order due to unmet Print Style expectations.

Digital Mockups

Trust Printshop delivers Digital Mockups to all customers. Digital Mockups are computer generated pieces of art designed to emulate how a customer’s print might look on the selected garment. These Digital Mockups are not exact representations of how a customer’s print will look when received, nor are they an exact representation of the customer’s blank. Trust is not responsible for any misunderstanding regarding Digital Mockups. All blank colors and ink colors in a Digital Mockup are merely estimations and Trust is not responsible for any discrepancy between the blank or ink colors in a mockup and the blank or ink colors in the finished product. The Digital Mockups do not account for every possible printing issue, and Trust Printshop is not responsible for issues which are common to screen printing, but are not displayed in the Digital Mockup.

Digital Mockups are a free service provided by Trust for the convenience of the customer. If a customer is perceived to be abusing this free service, (e.g., asking for a large number of provisionary mockups with the intent of only using one of them, taking our mockups to other printers for reference, requesting excessive mockup revisions, etc.) Trust Printshop reserves the right to add extra costs or fees at the sole discretion of Trust Printshop. All pricing for Digital Mockups, including pricing for mockup revisions, may change at any time without notice at the sole discretion of Trust Printshop.

Digital Mockups represent the customer’s art on a specific garment size, (usually a Small unless that size is not available). If the order includes multiple sizes of garments, the art may look very different on larger shirt sizes. The art does not scale up with the shirt size, and any change in art size must be set aside as a separate design and priced accordingly. Additionally, garment size will vary from brand to brand and style to style; Trust is not responsible for any discrepancy in garment sizing or dimensions between the mockup and the final product. Trust is not responsible for any confusion regarding the sizing of a customer’s art on varying garment sizes.

Turnaround and Shipping

Arrival Date

Default arrival date is calculated using a standard turnaround time of 10 business days plus UPS Ground shipping time.

Rush Orders

Rush Orders are a guaranteed service for shipment of time sensitive orders. Any order placed with a specified arrival date prior to the default arrival date is considered a Rush order and the arrival date will be guaranteed (dependent on garment availability, which will be verified before a Rush is placed on the order). Additional charges will apply depending on the size and complexity of the order or the amount of work days available to complete the order. All orders finalized after 3:00pm (CST) will be considered part of the following work day’s processing for turnaround purposes. Please contact Trust for current Rush order rates.

If a Rush Order is unable to meet its guaranteed arrival date because of a delay on Trust’s end, and can still be used, all Rush  charges and applicable shipping charges will be refunded. If the Rush order misses it’s guaranteed arrival date because of a delay on Trust’s end, and is unable to be used, the customer will receive a full refund with a complete return of all merchandise. However, Shipping and transit times are outside the control of Trust Printshop, and Trust will not be held responsible for any delays once the shipment has left our shop.


Trust handles your order with great care, but we are not responsible for any loss, damage, or shipping delay caused by a delivery carrier. Trust currently provides free standard shipping to the continental US, any additional shipping charges are at the expense of the customer.

The customer may request the use of a third party carrier such as a shipping company or a courier. Trust Printshop reserves the right to refuse the use of any carrier at any time for any reason. Trust provides free shipping on orders utilizing standard UPS ground shipping. If the customer requests the use of a third party carrier, the customer will be responsible for any additional shipping charges or fees.

Lost, Damaged, Late, Or Incorrectly Delivered Packages

Trust Printshop merchandise is carefully packaged and thoroughly inspected before it is shipped out. Responsibility for the safe delivery of goods is assumed by the carrier upon acceptance of the shipment. Trust Printshop is not liable for any loss or damage sustained in transit. All claims for loss or damage should be made to the carrier. Trust may voluntarily reprint an order that is stolen, damaged, or lost by the carrier for reduced or no cost to the customer. This is entirely at the discretion of Trust Printshop, and Trust is not required to replace any order that is mishandled by the carrier. Any replacement orders that are provided for no cost or discounted cost will be shipped by standard ground shipping.

It is the responsibility of the customer to provide Trust Printshop with a correct and complete delivery address. Any order that fails to reach its destination because of an incorrect or incomplete delivery address is the full responsibility of the customer. The customer then accepts any costs necessary to get the package to its correct destination.



It is the customer’s responsibility to select garments for their order. Trust may offer advice or suggestions, but Trust is not responsible for any potential problems or unsatisfactory outcomes related to garment selection. Additionally, Trust is not responsible for any issues related to the garments themselves. Trust is solely a printing company and has no relation to any blank manufacturer. Trust will attempt to look for any factory damages, but any issues with garments must be taken up with the garment manufacturer. Trust will not offer any refunds or replacements on orders that are deemed unsatisfactory based on issues with the garment. Trust Printshop is not responsible for any issues with the print that are caused by the blank, including, but not limited to, excessive migration, seam inconsistencies, sizing inconsistencies, or color inconsistencies.

Garment Purchasing

Trust does not have an in-house inventory of garments and therefore will not have blank garments before the order is finalized. Trust retains the right to order a customer’s garments from any garment vendor they choose. If a customer chooses a garment that is currently unavailable, the projected ship date may be directly affected. Trust is not responsible for any delays caused by unavailable garments. We will do our best to inform the customer before they place their order whether their selected blanks are available, but we cannot guarantee stock on any garment, featured or otherwise. In the event of a blank being unavailable after an order has been placed, we will contact the customer with recommendations on similar blanks


Printing Process / Pre-production

Screen printing on garments is a complicated process. There are many factors that may cause print inconsistencies. Trust is not responsible for issues that are classified as standard screen printing inconsistencies. These issues include garment issues (varying textures, color accuracy, factory damages), print-related issues (tone shift, fabric migration, fibrillation, inconsistent registration), size inconsistency (caused by fabric stretch), and print placement inconsistency (expected tolerance of 1 inch in any direction). These issues are inherent to the screen printing process. Trust does everything we can to avoid these issues, but we are not responsible for standard screen printing inconsistencies. Trust will not provide any sort of refund or replacement based on issues regarded as inherent to the screen printing process. Trust Printshop will be the sole decision-maker in such situations.

Trust Printshop is not obligated to inform the customer of the specifics of the printing or pre-production process. Trust is constantly improving and innovating our processes, and the printing specifics could change at any time. This may cause (positive) changes in the final product over time. Trust Printshop is not obligated to inform the customer of any changes in the printing or pre-production process, nor is Trust responsible for any inconsistencies in reprints based on those process changes.

Additionally, any print which interacts with a seam, pocket, or zipper is subject to inconsistency and damages. Choosing to print near one of these obstacles will often cause discrepancies (gaps in the print, lost registration, cracked or misaligned prints) which are not fully reflected in the digital mockup. We strongly suggest that you avoid these high risk areas, but if you choose to print on or near a high risk area Trust is not responsible for any issues that may arise. Therefore, we will not accept returns on items damaged as a result of printing in a high risk area.



Trust Printshop reserves the right to adjust pricing at any time for any reason without customer consent. By accepting these terms and conditions, the customer consents to Trust’s authority in pricing adjustments, and by initiating an order with Trust, the customer accepts all Trust payment terms and conditions.

Any pricing quoted to a customer by Trust Printshop is to be considered an estimation of price. Trust is not required to match any quoted price and reserve the right to change pricing at any time without warning. Once an order has been finalized and full payment has been received, the pricing will be locked and regarded as final unless the order is further changed after the fact.

Any and all payments made to Trust Printshop are immediately considered property of Trust upon payment. Trust reserves the right to refuse refunds or reimbursement of any payments for any reason. If Trust approves a cancellation of a finalized order before production has begun on the order, the customer will be responsible for payment on any work that has been completed on the order. If Trust Printshop approves a return for a customer, the customer may receive a full reimbursement, a credit to their account, or a reprint of the customer’s merchandise free of charge, to be determined at the sole discretion of Trust Printshop.

Any pricing for printing or production services is subject to change at any time without warning or notification at the sole discretion of Trust Printshop. Trust is not obligated to honor any pricing quoted digitally, published publicly, or communicated verbally.


Customers are responsible for paying the full invoiced amount for the order before it will be finalized. Trust is under no obligation to complete any requested service until payment has been received. Arrival dates are calculated from the finalization date, so any delay in payment will affect the arrival date.


In most circumstances Trust does not add any additional fees on top of the quoted price. With standard turnaround and print options, the quoted price will not have any extra fees or costs added to it. Trust Printshop reserves the right to adjust, modify, or add extra cost to an order for any reason related to an order requiring an unordinary amount of resources or time, or for other extenuating circumstances to be determined by Trust Printshop. There are several circumstances which will incur additional cost beyond the blank and print price.

  • Rush Orders
    • Rush orders are a service offered by Trust Printshop which allows customers to receive their order sooner than the default arrival date. Rush order pricing is subject to change at any time. Please contact Trust Printshop at hello@trustprintshop.com or 817-453-3121 for current turnaround times and Rush fees.
    • Any order that must be shipped internationally will incur multiple additional fees. Any and all fees associated with shipping an order internationally will be the full responsibility of the customer.
  • Art/Print Related Fees
    • If a customer’s art needs extra work outside of the normal duties of the Art Department, (such as text creation, fixing low-resolution art, recreating low-resolution art, etc.) the Art Department may agree to do custom artwork at a rate of $1 per minute. This price is subject to change without warning at the discretion of Trust Printshop. Whenever a customer requires custom artwork, the Art Department will quote an amount of time the piece of art will take. This quote will be communicated to the customer who must then approve the quote before the artist will begin work on the custom art project. Because this is outside of the normal tasks of the Art Department, Trust cannot guarantee a turnaround time or delivery date for custom art. Additionally, the Art Department reserves the right to refuse a custom art job at any time for any reason.

Cancellations & Returns


Trust Printshop reserves the right to make any and all final decisions regarding cancellations and returns. Both cancellations and returns are invalid if not first approved and agreed upon by Trust Printshop. If a customer desires to make a cancellation, they must first get official consent from Trust Printshop, or otherwise be subject to full payment of the order invoice. All terms and details of a cancellation or return will be decided at the sole discretion of Trust Printshop.


Orders may be cancelled before finalization at any time with no charge to the customer. Orders cancelled after finalization, but before production has begun on the order may be available for a partial refund of the invoice, to be determined by Trust Printshop. Orders may not be cancelled for any reason after the order has been printed. An attempt to cancel the order after printing will be invalid and the customer will be fully responsible for the full invoice total.


All returns claims are subject to approval by Trust Printshop. Returning goods to Trust without official authorization of the return will not be recognized and will not be eligible for a refund or credit to the customer account.

Reasons for Trust Printshop to authorize a return may include: incorrect garment color, incorrectly sized artwork, incorrect colors in the art, or missing garments. These reasons must be present in over 2% of the delivered garments, and must be the direct fault of Trust Printshop. If a return is approved, Trust may award the customer a full refund of the invoice, a credit to the customer account, OR a reprint of the merchandise free of charge.


We love the work that we do, and we love showing off all of our awesome customers. We think this is an excellent way for us to help each other; we get to use customer’s art to show off our printing abilities, and our customers get free advertisement to all of our followers. Trust Printshop reserves the right to post any work that we do on our various online platforms including social media, our website, blog, or any other online medium. We do, however, understand that some situations require a little discretion such as a time-released clothing line, or other date sensitive work. If this is the case, the customer will need to provide Trust with a timeline for the release, up to 6 months out, so that we can avoid any spoilers.


If any customer’s failure to follow the Trust Customer Agreement leads to legal action on the part of either party, the customer will be held solely responsible and liable for all payments or charges associated with the customer account as well as any and all legal fees undertaken by the customer or by Trust Printshop Inc. during the process of any legal proceedings.